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Needham Public Schools Cash Drawer Reconciliation Sheet Date Employee Location Cash Drawer Ending Amounts Register Cash Drawer Starting Amounts 10. 00 20. 00 50. 00 Rolls Total Total Currency Coin Minus Starting Amount Net Currency Coin Checks Other Money Orders etc Total Monies for Deposit Enter Starting Amount Here Cashier s Note if needed Cash Turnover Acknowledgement Cashier Name Cashier Signature Turned Over Begin Balance Net Deposit Received By Receiver Signature NPS Form Cash...
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Hi this is Gary in this tutorial I'm going to walk through how you go about balancing a cash register the procedures and how you adjust them for different situations let's go ahead and get started on this here now typically your register might look something like this or something in that press Emma T what you want to do during the day before you go up to balance registers you want to make sure you're following the safe drop procedures and they're different let's say you're working at a convenience store or a gas station in this case you might start out with like $100 and most of that is going to be small bills and coins buy small bills I mean less than ten dollars you want to be able to make change you're usually going to get a lot of twenties and possibly some larger bills 50s or 100's and no gas stations prefer not to have hundreds but sometimes that happens and when you're working at a gas station they prefer to have a low amount of cash and register which means if you take a hundred dollars in transactions or 200 in transactions it's a pretty good idea to do a safe drop or drop it in the fold just to protect the cash on hand at the convenience store now retail stores on the other hand are a little bit more lenient for how much cash the retail store I managed we start with the drawer of $200 a about half of that with small bills and coins or some some combination there may be 120 80 or something like that just you want to have enough so you can make change and then if you did a lot of business throughout the day let's say when I say business I mean cash business because because you're going to add a retail store you're going to have cash credit cards and checks are going to be your three components of business there might be a fourth component of financing which doesn't happen a lot now that differs from the gas station and that mainly your sales are going to be cash and credit and most gas stations don't take checks because they don't like have a lot of bad checks like that so if you have a decent amount of cash we'll say a thousand is an arbitrary figure it could be more than that could be less than that depends on the stores policy you want to make safe drops or deposits throughout the day to protect that in case something goes awry fortunately in my experience I probably had between the jobs have had probably like 10 years or so I was never in an unfortunate situation where we got robbed but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen now moving on to the next part or the most important part is closing out your register if you do everything right there's going to be a pretty quick process could be five five or ten minutes even less depending on you know how everything goes if you don't do any right or if you have problems it can be a long excruciating a process that's not a lot of fun for everybody involved and might involve a lot of digging let's go ahead an get started on this first and you can do this in any order you want to add up your...
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